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Learning Curves: My Fun Blog

On life. One learning curve at a time on the path to becoming a renaissance man.

Gadi Evron
24 April
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Hi all, I'm Gadi and my main areas of interest as relevant to this blog are information security and nonverbal communication in human interaction.

I believe that understanding is often the continued search for causality. I live music. And, I believe in people.

In my daily life I am a science fiction fan, I like basketball, beer, hummus and practice sport shooting. My latest major yet "on the back burner" study interests have been military strategy, body language and argumentation & rhetoric.

Unlike earlier in my life most of my volunteer time is spent online.
My concern is keeping the Internet alive and coordinating International incident response.

In my (paid) working life I held several positions over the years ranging from running security for the Israeli government Internet operation and founding the Israeli government CERT, to working as a conductor of sorts between marketing and R&D at a software startup.

Today I am self-employed and contract internationally.

I write and lecture profusely, and have my name attached to two technical information security books.

Private (fun) blog: http://gevron.livejournal.com/
Professional (security) blog: http://gadievron.blogspot.com/
Twitter page: http://twitter.com/gadievron

I also blog for Dark Reading: http://www.darkreading.com/

Gadi Evron.

Follow me on twitter! http://twitter.com/gadievron

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