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A ~10 second hailstorm of intangible thoughts
What are questions and thoughts running through my mind, issues that keep coming back to me in recent weeks, if I had ~10 seconds to think of this?

I was at a show today to support Lihi Milgrom​ and Adi Kugler​. At the beginning, they asked us to close our eyes for a few seconds (TREE HUGGER WARNING!!!) and think about things that have been bothering us lately, and general thoughts which keep coming back in recent weeks.

I'm a somewhat spiritual guy and I believe in the calmness of my own mind, but I'm also a hardcore skeptical cynic. Should I close my eyes? That was my first thought.

But, as I'm there, I may as well go with it. Fine.

I closed my eyes, and in the 10 seconds I had, this (more of less) was my mental list:

1. Humanity - Is humanity going to survive as a specie a few million/trillion years into the future? Not getting there, but rather being there. What could we be facing? What could we do today, if anything, if we even should, to help us in the long run? Would we? Do we need to? Is this something active or an idea, concept, or movement that could start? Would historical cycles even exist in the form they do today by then? Is this even relevant? Is thinking about it relevant beyond my own musings?

2. Growth - How do I feel about my life? About myself? About my behavior? How do I handle situations, and could I become better? Do I have the capacity to? Am I happy with this? Where could I grow? What do I think of myself for having these thoughts? What am I not thinking of? Should I?

3. My startup - What are our main challenges, and how are we facing them? What fine-tuning could be done, and should it? Where should we staretegize, and where should we let things be? What am I most bothered with?

4. Budget. B funding round. Customers. Sales.

5. Am I lonely? Do I want a relationship? Do I have time for one? OOooh women are in this show!

6. Nice review of issues for a few seconds of thinking, I'm good. MmmmhM...

7. How can they claim they will answer my questions, and then those of all the others in the audience? What would the statistical outlook of all these thoughts in the audience look like? How would I go about figuring it out. What would I do in order to provide with an answer for all these people, and would it be rather shallow, or generic, or precise for some or a subset?

7. What could their show potentially do to meet these goals, and would it?

8. It would be a tree hugging show, and these thoughts are irrelevant for the show. They're just making irrelevant claims.

9. Interesting 10 seconds, I should FB it and share with my friends. I'll make sure and organize things chronologically and tie loose ends on barely touched thoughts, mainly intangible and in no particular order, during a ~10 seconds hailstorm.

This was not a review of the show - but of my mind during those ~10 seconds.

It was a good show, thought provoking, and weird. I also felt a lot of pride in my friends being in it. But (tongue in cheek) the show DID NOT answer my questions as it wanted me to believe it would ( :) ).
It was a tree huggish thing to do to get me to close my eyes. Oh well.

As to the show... I think their purpose was to show a generic view of how we are surrounded by self doubt and societal pressures, and to be specific about the hurt it can cause, and how we as humans behave. I have no idea if I'm right - I'm not a very good show critic. So, in a way I did appreciate them moving between a wide overview and a detail-based approach, and they did use some interesting techniques to prime me to certain thoughts... but honestly I was mostly just confused during the show.


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