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Interesting PR strategy by Sony
Everyone must have heard by now on how Sony got hacked by supposedly North Korean hackers. There were some interesting stories involved with that - and we will hear much more yet - from international relationships to how the insurance world handles cyber attacks.

An interesting strategic aspect of this is the fact that Sony "caved" and cancelled the release of a Movie, which the hackers didn't appreciate and threatened them about.

That PR disaster aside - the interest in the movie sky rocketed, and it was clear that it will become amazingly popular - regardless of whether it is released or not.

Sony now followed up, stating it will release the movie for free, through their online content service - which is supposedly isn't doing very well.

I can't really give them credit for planning this in advance, as that sounds far fetched, but it is definitely a good use of their resources (even the bad ones). Good job! Interesting, isn't it? Kind of obvious, too. I might have decided to open it up everywhere, instead - rather than trying for a double whammy.



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