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Ends and aims
One of the concepts I've been playing with lately is victory, or winning. Trying to reframe ideas from a new rhetorical starting point - what do I want to achieve?

Example would be Syria and Chemical weapons. The US lost face which effectively helped Putin place himself as a world player. My claim has been this is an orchestrated campaign for precisely that goal, with a possible higher goal related to internal Russian politics. The US has effectively been schooled by the Russian campaign.

A friend then asked me: "but the chemical weapons are now out of Syria, doesn't that mean the US effectively won by achieving its stated goal?"

Which goal was more important, had a higher effect, on what, and at what cost? Thinking of these ends in analyzing what I and others do, first, has been quite interesting.

What is it you are *actually* trying to achieve, and what is it you do to get there? How will you measure your success and how will others view the same situation?


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