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It's about PASSION
Sitting at the Hard Rock's Punta Cana in my room's porch, I consider yet again how people's distinction between "career" and "life" is misguided. The key word is PASSION.

It's about PASSION.
I have many passions - some of them unrelated to my work, such as dancing and teaching dance. Wherever I go, I find a dancing night.

But work is one of my major passions. How can I spend so much of my life behind a desk (or currently 27 days a month in an airplane) if it wasn't?

There is nothing wrong with working days to enjoy nights - I've done that. We all have a mortgage to pay.

But is that enough? For others it may be, for me, it isn't.

Set a vision, follow through, and know that a year from now, or five years from now, you'll work where your passion is. It's that simple.

I work hard, and I enjoy every moment of it - especially the hard ones!

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What I've noticed in fandom is that many work at a job to enjoy their hobby. Science fiction is their passion; work pays for that passion.

Feel free to insert any hobby here. Football, quilting, whatever.

It would be better to work at a job that you are passionate about. I think that is more of the exception nowadays.

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