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Do you understand?

I keep thinking about this one. It rings so true... and yet... it is not how I see things. So why do I keep going back to it?

I read a story once:
A father told his kid to go and stick a knife into the white picket fence every time he got angry, rather than act angry. After a while when the kid got angry less and less, he took him to the fence and said:
"You see? You are no longer angry but the scars of what you do are still there"
I found it inspiring, especially the bit about learning to identify the MOMENT and learn to control our actions over time. Kairos.

Then again while the image displays a world where what's done can't be undone, for me such situations are not about "the road to hell is paved with good intentions" - the answer often given when the reasoning of "I did not intend for this to happen" is given, forgiveness matters. To me, someone's intent - why they did what they did - matters a lot. Someone may have done something hurtful, but unintentionally.

Which brings me to the last part which constructs my thinking on this, another image with text from FB, from a while back:

We can forgive, and we can choose not to. But while moments in time define us, life is more than just a moment. We can grow and learn from the past rather than remain broken - battle scars, if you like.

No situation in life is binary and as simple as the text in the original image makes it out to be, but the reason I liked it as-is and only now write more about it, is because I believe it captures a moment in human life which is truly profound.


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Very interesting post :-)

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