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The work honours the worker
I now finally fully understand the meaning of the Israeli/Hebrew saying "The work honours the worker" - העבודה מכבדת את בעליה - which is often said about people who work at menial jobs. Understanding the words that they earn money for their living which is respectable, stating it as a form of disclaimer, and really appreciating the meaning, are two different things.

Being out of a job at a couple of points in my life, worrying about the next paycheck and worrying about supporting those around me, didn't make me understand. Feeling really bad about older people cleaning after me didn't make me understand, although very uncomfortable.

I tried meeting eyes, avoiding the eyes, making conversation, carrying through...
.... fine-tuning how to best respect these gray people who work at menial jobs at an older age, serving me to take care of themselves and dependents and not just as as a part time job to pass the time. Many of these folks were hard working their entire lives, and even if they weren't....

I don't yet know how to best show this respect, and I'm not yet sure how we as a society can change things for the better, but I am thinking about it.

Especially when the system is built in such a way that even if you are well educated and hard working, you may just end up in the street at an older age.

I believe in a capitalistic system, and it achieves, in my view, better social care and reforms. However, even if I was a pure capitalist and believed the problem "takes care of itself", I now have a winning argument to justify in discussions why socialistic aspects are also required at some level in every country (for my US friends, you're already a fully socialistic country by your definitions from a hundred years ago).

The argument is... to alleviate suffering now, tactically, while we work for the future, strategically.

[yes the argument is not very well structured - jumping around and reaching baseless conclusions, give me a few months so I think on this one or two more times.]


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