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Omegle: seeing social responsibility as base for good and evil
You may find this one boring, but I found it absolutely fascinating seeing how a person views the world in a way I find fscked up.

The person's social identity is what builds her (my guess) view of good and evil. I am thinking 17 years old.

I wish she wouldn't have disappeared:
Connecting to server...
Looking for someone you can chat with. Hang on.
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: sup
You: hi random person :)
You: i'm great!
You: you?
Stranger: great
You: fun
You: whatcha up to?
Stranger: watching the ncaa's womens game
Stranger: just finished
Stranger: uh and about to work on a school project
Stranger: gotta do dishes too
Stranger: you?
You: anything interesting or just boredom?
You: i'm considering sleep, been up all night
Stranger: what time is it?
Stranger: its 10PM here
You: i find omegle really fascinating
Stranger: yeah
You: 6 AM here
Stranger: oh wow
You: hehe
Stranger: what country is that
You: i'm from israel
You: you?
Stranger: oh okay
Stranger: i'm from the US
Stranger: texas
You: cool
You: i've just been to dallas two months ago
Stranger: oh
Stranger: for what?
You: conference
You: where in texas are you?
Stranger: school?
Stranger: austin
Stranger: i don't like dallas too much
You: no, work
Stranger: people are mean
You: yeah, that's what all the austin people say :P
Stranger: self-centered there
You: erm, why mean? they were nice enough to me...
Stranger: maybe superficial
Stranger: they're nice as long as you're visiting
You: maybe..
You: i've never really been into attributing charactertistics to whole groups
You: but i guess big cities are like that
Stranger: how is israel?
You: how is austin different?
You: israel is fun
Stranger: people are nicer
Stranger: they try to ride bikes instead of driving cars
Stranger: they try to shop at small mom and pop stores instead of big chains
You: ahh, you are a social activist
You: :)
You: so it's not the people who aren't nice, it's the society norms in dallas?
You: hello?
You: hello #2
You have disconnected.
Gadi Evron,

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Better than my convo...

We were just a little out of sync...

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: wats ur fetish
You: Hello
You: Well, personally I like hello kitty.
You: If i could sh*t hello kitty nuggets instead of turds I would.
Stranger: does hello kitty get u horney
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

With love, Nikita

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