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A guy (apprently) coming out of the closet on Omegle
In this Omegle chat a guy (apprently, could be a prank) comes out of the closet for the first time. It's not always clear what to say.
Connecting to server...
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: i need to tell someone that im gay
You: hi random stranger! :)
You: okay, i now know you're gay.
Stranger: and you are the first person
You: is that a sentence you use to get people interesting in chatting with you here? kind of weird just stating that like that
Stranger: no i was being serious
You: okay
You: no disrespect meant
Stranger: and you are the first person ever
Stranger: and i dont even know you.
You: well, i'm not gay,but i have a few gay friends.
You: well, maybe you not knowing me makes it easier on you? i don't mind. i appreciate being able to chat with you here.
Stranger: my family hates gay people
Stranger: and thats why i dont like myself
Stranger: and there is no one to talk to
You: that's what the Internet is for
You: a lot of gay communities online
Stranger: it just seems
Stranger: like
You: yes?
Stranger: im sorry
Stranger: i dont know what i was going to say
You: don't worry about it
You: what makes it easier for you to tell me, also makes it difficult for me to trust that you are really really real. but for chatting, i will assume you are. fair?
Stranger: fair
Stranger: i am real
You: and as i am just some random anonymous person, you assume you can tell me what you like. deal?
Stranger: i just feel fake
Stranger: telling someone i dont know
Stranger: thanks for listening random person.
You: well, you may be anonymous and i may not know who you are, but you are still a real person chatting. right?
You: hey, no problem random guy with family issues
Stranger: what should i do.
Stranger: this is my biggest fear not having a family
You: i can't tell you that, but i can tell you that i learned to expect that sometimes life is not easy, and i need to be calm and make my decisions later rather than immediately
Stranger: but i feel like i have to either kill myself or move as far away as i can and never talk to them again
Stranger: and killing myself isnt an option.
Stranger: maybe.
You: well, try and not be scary, creepy and crazy by speaking of suicide. as i assume that you are real and not just yet another prankster, let's talk about why you think you only have TWO OPTIONS?
Stranger: noo i dont want to kill myself its just an option that i have concidered
You: alright, you sound like a reasonable guy
You: you're a guy, right?
Stranger: brb
Stranger: give me a sec
You: ok
Stranger: i am back
You: :)
You: welcome back!
You: so, you're a guy?
Stranger: and yes
You: may i ask how old?
Stranger: 17
You: well, that makes it much easier!
Stranger: why?
You: you have at the very least another year of living at home before you need to make any decisions, and then you can also go to college, or work harder to go to college. that gives you a few years of discovering both yourself and the relationship with the family, from far away
Stranger: i dont know tho
Stranger: im so scared.
Stranger: im so.
Stranger: scared
You: what are you scared of?
Stranger: just loosing people i love for showing them who i really am.
You: well, one thing that i am having difficulty learning here, is to not make decisions when i'm emotional
You: to give things time and see how they work out.
You: that is not saying that you should ignore the problem, or not accept who you are or deal with the family issue
You: just that you have time to consider how to do it right
Stranger: i appreciate your input.
You: i try....
Stranger: and it makes sense to do things right
You: well, i am just sharing my t experience, it is your reading of it that makes you think of what you should do
Stranger: how old are you?
You: if your family is that difficult, and i am sure they still love you, it makes sense to look at what you can gain by telling them now, versus later on when you are in control of your own life.
You: i'm [removed state secret from log file]
Stranger: maybe one day ill run into someone on the street
Stranger: talk to them in a line or something
You: why wait? look for a community of people with the same problem online
Stranger: and it will be you and we wont even know it
You: well, we meet people all our lives. y'know what they say, humans are social creatures.
Stranger: indeed
Stranger: im tired
You: :)
Stranger: i think im going to go.
Stranger: but
You: you're a cool guy, i'm not worried about you. you'll find the right way
You: okay. it was good to chat with you.
Stranger: thanks so much.
You: no problem. :)
Stranger: im going to be wondering
You: about?
Stranger: are you a male or female?
You: i'm male
Stranger: alright thats cool
You: one last thing
Stranger: well
Stranger: thanks again
Stranger: bye
Stranger: oh
Stranger: ?
You: the world is full of people who are understanding, as it is of people who are idiots. remember to not take things too personally from the drones who just learned to hate. unfortunately, they're all around us. but remember ther eare people like me who are open minded. okay?
Stranger: i really hope i find someone like you someday
You: you will. we're all over the place. hehe
You: have a good night buddy
Stranger: :)
Your conversational partner has disconnected.
Gadi Evron,

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Wow. I am impressed with how well you handled that. Kudos to you.

Thanks, but I'm not quite clear that I did handle it right.

Christ, man, if you're going to swamp my friends page with so many posts on one night, at least use an LJ-cut.

And if you don't know how, (über-simple) instructions can be found here.

No. It doesn't happen often and you just like to whine.

Now you're just being rude.

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