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YES! Time. I can upgrade myself!
In the next 1-4 months I get to spend most of my time in Israel! Would you believe it?
(Sometime in that period of time I will know if I move abroad permanently or start working in Israel full time.
...Which means my evenings and weekends are free.
Other than resting - a lot, I have plans.

Aside to catching up on TV shows, watching some of my old time favorites, and investing in my friends...
With an over-reaching goal for 4 months from now, and milestones every month, my goals are, by categories:

Professional life:
1. Learn Python, start contributing in a friend's startup or contribute to an open source project, 5 hours a week total.

Books, Internet, mentor, 2-5 hours a day.
Start: Last week.

2. Get back into Linux to the level of qualifying for an entry level sysadmin job (not looking for a sysadmin job, just a goal)

Mac laptop, 4 Linux VMs, one book, mentor, 2-3 hours a day.
Start: in 2 weeks.

1. Start Pilates.

Personal trainer, 2 hours a week
Start: Tomorrow at noon.

2. Get back into functional training/gym

Gym membership, personal trainer, 6 hours a week (2 * 3)
Start: Next week.

1. Go back into a daily practice routine.

Mirror, video camera, videos, floor, dance shoes.

Start: in 2 weeks.

2. Learn basis of Authentic Jazz (solo vernacular dance) by June so that I can be ready for Intermediate level at Herrang week 3.

Videos, friends, mirror, camera, floor, dance shoes.

Knowledge (if I have time left!!)
1. Start and finish 2 online courses on Coursera on subjects of general interest.

Start: Last week.

To work! To fun! To life!


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