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Chillin' with drillin'


I suspect there is some degree of variability in what sorts of practice for emergency procedures your employer has. In the past few months, we have had fire and earthquake (we're in California) drills in our building. I would rather have such events and not ever have to use the knowledge learned than the other way around, I think.


Aryeh Goretsky

Gotta love the unexpected drills

When I worked in the office we had fire drills a couple of times a year. Unfortunately, they never interrupted anything I wanted to get out of, like a four-hour long troubleshooting session where I had to explain to some developer that his app was at fault and not the proxy or firewall over and over and over again.

Keith Rice

I don't get it

You were a guest in a building and that building had a fire drill. How is that nonsense? You considered abandoning your talk because you were interrupted? Are you questioning the utility of fire drills in general or just when they affect you? I'm confused here.

Re: I don't get it

Of course I considered it, but I didn't, and actions are what defines us as people.

Many people would have, as it is ridiculous that someone would drive two hours, volunteer to lecture, be in the middle of it, and then be disrespected in this fashion. A drill, even an unscheduled one, can be scheduled to avoid such situations.

I am a strong believer in drills, but I also believe in respect, for people, as well as for my time.

Regardless, I am happy with my choice fo staying, but would completely understand how others would leave.

By your language though, I am guessing you would have up and left without a second thought.

Re: I don't get it

I would have left the room with the others without a second thought, and then returned to finish the talk (if at all possible), if that's what you meant. It sounds like there were a lot of people in this facility and undoubtedly the drill is going to negatively affect a lot of people's time. Were they all being disrespected? There is a good point that if you were being paid for your time and this added an extra hour, then you should be paid for that hour (or you could be understanding and let it slide, but either way would be justified). If you had a scheduling conflict that you couldn't move then I can totally understand telling them that you had to leave. Its the whole disrespect angle that I don't get. In the end, it sounds like we would have made the same decision.

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